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Spending my quiet Sunday morning editing the final manuscript of my book “Hot Body Year Round” which is slated to be in book stores March 2015. I am blessed to have the chance to be an author thanks to you guys! But seriously by the time this baby comes out, it will have been 2 years in the making!!! Lots of traveling, lots of Pilates, lots of recipe designing, and countless sleepless nights. But I think you are going to fall in love. Let’s just say it’s basically the Blogilates Bible. 😘
→ "What is a genuine person to you?"


A genuine person? To me, a genuine person is one who shows their sincerity. It’s someone who isn’t all talk and actually walk the talk. A genuine person is someone who knows that actions speaks louder than words. A genuine person is someone who acknowledge your worth and know that they will never…


It’s funny how you never really understand the world until you suffer depression. Things that never made since before become the story of your life.